Makeup Tips

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Q: I have been getting dark spots on my face – what can I do about it?

A: Hyper-pigmentation is a common problem, age, hormones and prior sun damage can come back to haunt you! I have suffered with dark spots for years and tried everything that I could get my hands on nothing really worked until I found Physiodermie Lightning line , with the correct products and facial services we can lighten those nasty dark spots. It is amazing how free-ing it is to wake up with beautiful skin.

Q: Is there a product that helps to stimulate hair growth for eyebrows and eyelashes?

A: Yes! Eyebrow Lipocils and Eyelash Lipocils Conditioning Gels by TALIKA you can find more information on my web site or at our spa it is one of the only products that has been clinically proven to stimulate hair growth.

Q: I need the perfect foundation primer!

A: Foundation not only looks better but lasts longer if you use the right foundation prep! Try using Fringe Benefit if you have dry or dull skin and in about a week your skin will feel like velvet! You can use over your entire face including your eye area, there are NO alpha-hydroxies, fragrances or dyes in this product so it is great on even the most sensitive skin. Liquid Powder (know as Mattifier) is perfect for oily skin, a small pea sized amount over your entire face and your make-up won’t slide off in the AZ heat!

Q: I’ve got flat looking makeup.

A: Try adding some luminescence to your make-up! Nothing ages a woman faster than a totally matte face. Start by using a mineral foundation, this will give you a fresh youthful appearance. Add a blush, eyeshadow or bronzer with a little luminescence in it, this will instantly add life to your skin!

Q: I need professional help with my eyebrows, I want that ‘instant face lift look’ .

A: Professional Brow Shaping is something we do for our clients and yes you can have younger, brighter eyed look after just a few minutes! In my make-up classes I show women how they can look ‘well rested and younger’ with just a good brow shaping ($25) and a little brow color. For brow color we use either Brow Wax $19 or Brow Powder $16, it is important that you use the correct color, for example if your hair was once blonde and is now grey then please use a grey color such as Lauren or Thunder. Also it is very important to use the right brush to apply your brow color, if you have thin precise brows use the Small Sable Angle Brush. For fuller brows use the Tapered Angle Shader Brush.

Q: I have adult acne and I have tried everything but nothing has worked.

A: We have a acne series and we have seen AMAZING results with our clients. We first choose the correct home care products for your skin/acne type, we then would suggest a treatment series for you. One of our most popular series offers a complete turn around in your skin in just a matter of weeks. With the proper products, facials and Blue Light LED treatments you will be amazed with the results.

Q: Are all sunscreens the same?

A: NO! It is VERY important that you are an informed consumer! Sunscreens are available in two different types Physical and Chemical. Our sunscreen from Physiodermie is both so it protects from long and short UVA rays, UVB rays and its patented formula is micro-encapsulated to penetrate to the dermis to offer the best in protection for your skin. UVA exposure causes free-radical damage which leads to aging and hyper-pigmentation, it is time you get serious about protecting your skin!

Q: Help, my make-up melts off my face!

A: Liquid powder (mattifier) is the answer! Apply a pea to dime sized amount over your moisturizer and it will help to keep the shine away. You can also apply a thin layer of loose translucent powder over your foundation. Pressed powder has oil in it and you don’t need to add more oil, so loose powder is the BEST! Make sure to wash your puffs and brushes 1 to 2 times a month. Oils from you skin will make the foundation, and blushes appear darker on your face. Mattifier can be found on the SKIN CARE page.

Q: My eyeliner smears onto my eyelids and runs under my eyes.

A: Stuck on You eyeliner fixative works wonders! Just mix a small amount with any pressed or loose eyeshadows and use a slant, flat or pointed liner brush to apply. Once it is dry you can cry, swim and perspire and your eyeliner won’t budge. Stuck on You is $12. Or try one of our Waterproof Gel Liners $19 with 12 shades to choose from.

Q: What do you do for eyeshadow that creases mid-day?

A: Start off by using concealer on your eyelids then apply mineral foundation to your entire face. Next (and this is important) apply Toast eyeshadow to your entire eyelid before your eye make-up. This combination of layering tricks should keep you crease proof! If you want to go that extra mile apply a small amount of mattifier to you eye lids..

Q: My blush looks splotchy!

A: Chances are you need a different blush brush. A wider brush that is tapered or angled will be a better choice and make application easier for you try Chisel Angle Powder Brush $36 located on the brush page of our online store.